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What is Facebook Video Monetization? How To Make Money Online

What is Facebook Video Monetization? How to make money from this? Full Information

What is Facebook Video Monetization? How to make money from this?
If you are a YouTube Video Creator. So you were making money from YouTube by making videos. But now Facebook has launched its Facebook Video Monetization Service to give competition to YouTube.

Which lets you upload videos to your Facebook page. And by monetizing him also You can also earn money from Facebook on YouTube.

It was first on YouTube that after uploading the video you could earn money by monetizing it. Now, this is what Same Facebook Video Monetization has launched. Now after making a page on Facebook, you can earn money by uploading the video and by monetizing it too.

What is Facebook Video Monetization?
The way YouTube is a Video Sharing Platform. In the same way, Facebook has launched a Video Creator platform named “Facebook Creator”. You can also earn money by uploading the video. Along with you too many options are available.

How to Join Facebook Creator Platform?
In order to join you first, you have to create an account on Facebook. Good if you already have an account. If you do not already have an account. So you create an account on Facebook.

After creating an account on Facebook, you will have to create a page on Facebook. As the channel is made on YouTube Likewise pages are created on Facebook. So you have to make a page on Facebook.

After creating the page, you must log in from your page on the Facebook Video Monetization website. After logging in, the Dashboard will open in front of you. And from there you can monetize the video. But there are some rules here too. Now let us also tell you that too.

How to Monetize Facebook Video?
We all know about YouTube policy. And you are a YouTube Videos Creator. So you would better know what to do for YouTube video monetize.

In such a way, Facebook did not plan for a platform like YouTube and launched the YouTube Watch Time program. This has been launched globally. Because its result in the US has been great. And every month it keeps 50 Million Active.

Facebook Watch Revenue Share is exactly like YouTube. So that the user can earn as much money on YouTube as you can. And earn. Equally earned on Facebook

“Facebook Watch Revenue Share. 55% will get you and 45% will keep Facebook.”

If we have to join the Facebook Watch Program. So we have to be prepared for it. And we must have some Requirements complete. Only then can we join this program.

Such information will be seen for every Facebook account. For which, Facebook Watch is not Available. Because

All Videos uploaded on Facebook Page must be at least 3 minutes.
This is for a page which has more than 10,000 followers. And in the last 2 months on the page, there should be more than 30,000 Viewers on Publish Content. That’s what your video has seen for 1 minute.
Facebook Video Streaming can check with Earn Money With Ad. Whether or not to be Eligible for your Facebook Page Watch. If not, you need the requirements for this.

How to Check Facebook Video Monetization Eligibility?
Like we have told you. That requires some Requirements for Facebook Video Monetization on Facebook. So how can you know Which requirements have been completed? And who are the remaining?

ELIGIBILITY CHECK – Log in to see what you qualify
We are telling you some steps below. By following these steps, you can see the requirements. And you can also go to the Facebook Video Monetization Creator Studio. So follow that step you will do.

Step 1
You are getting the link above. Click that link. After clicking, you will have an option. Who Can Signup also see this option here? Below this, you will get the option of login. By clicking the Login option, you log in with your Facebook account. From which you have created a facebook page.

Step 2
You can see the preference of your page. That your page is enabled for Facebook Video Monetization. Or not. Here you will find all the details. All of this we have told you above.

Step 3
Here you will find an option Go To Creator Studio. Click on which you can go to Facebook’s Creator Studio. From where you can also manage your page.