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How to Recover Disabled Adsence Account?

Friends, if Your Google Adsense Account Has Been Disabled Then read this post from the bottom to the bottom. In this post, I am going to tell you why if your Google Adsense Account has been disabled, then why?

And if it’s suspended, then how can we get it back again? You must definitely read this post to the fullest.

Why is Adsense Account Disabled?
Friends, there are so many reasons for having Google Adsense Account disabled. And there is some main Reason. Because of this many people’s Google Adsense account is suspended. So we are just going to talk on Main Topic. That’s why everyone’s Google AdSense Suspend.

Do not click on your Google Ads
Friends are a lot of people. Who are greedy to earn their money, click on their Google Ads. They feel that if we click on our Google Ads So we will get more money. But this is not so.

Google Adsense says that you never have to click on your Ads. Nor is it necessary to see your ad. So do not forget about this mistake.

Do not create more than one Adsense Account.
According to the policy of Google Adsense, You can create only one account on one person within the entire lifetime of the account. You can not create more than one AdSense account on the name of one person.

If it violates everything. Your Adsense account will be closed.

Do not play more than one Adsense in a device.
Friends, if you use more than one Google AdSense within one phone, and if you use PC or Laptop. However, you can not use more than the AdSense account.

If you have to use more than one AdSense account. You can then use it by creating a User Account in your PC or Laptop. But one thing to keep in mind is that both the Adsense should be in the name of two people.

Is Adsense Account Disabled?
Friends, if your Google Adsense has been suspended. And you are not able to open it Whenever you are opening, then you are being told that your Google Adsense account has been suspended. So you check your Email You may have received an email from Google Adsense.

Which may have been told that your Google AdSense has been closed for reasons. There you will also get an appeal form. Clicking on which you can give Google your opinion.

Get Adsense back from the Appeal Form?
Friends, if you submit Google Adsense by writing everything in the Appeal form correctly. He will promptly reply that you wait for a while, you will be given full information about it. Whether your Google AdSense will be returned or not.

If we talk about whether to get back or not, then it depends on Google Adsense. But it has been seen that many people get back to Google Adsense even after suspending.

Adsense Account Disabled – Note
Friends, take care of the fact that whenever you fill out the appeals form in Google AdSense, after waiting, you wait. Many people make more than once.

Because of that, their AdSense account is not returned. So you fill out the Appeal Form once to Google AdSense. And then wait for Google Adsense reply.

AdSense Accounts Are Disabled For Invalid Traffic
Clicking on your own Google Ads Whether it’s YouTube or the Website or the Andriod Application.
A person repeatedly clicks on your ads. Because of this, AdSense spends too.
If you pay by paying. Traffic on your YouTube channel or website or Android application. Adsense suspend is also due to this.
How to use ads, manipulate them.

AdSense Accounts Are Disabled For Policy Reasons

  • Pornographic, adult, or mature content
  • User-generated content
  • Violating webmaster guidelines
  • Deceptive ad placement
  • Copyright infringement
  • Illegal content

Link to Previously Banned Account
Friends, if you use Google Adsense then after that if you use a Third Part Ads Netword Your Google AdSense account may be suspended. Because Google Adsense Ads is a company. And he does not want to be shown ads of an extravagant company with his add.

Is your account suspended or disabled?
There is a lot of difference between account suspension and disabling. If your account is suspended. So it means that you can open Adsense, you can use everything. But he will not add to it. And if your AdSense account has been disabled. So you will not be able to use anything. Now whenever you click on Adsense, you will be sent to notification with Deceased.