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How to Add Timer Before Downloading Like URL Shortener

Friends, you want to wait a few minutes before downloading anything on your blog. So read this post till the last. In this post, I am going to tell you that Add Timer Before Downloading how you can add Link Shortner website to your blog as well. Read the post fully and you can see the video below for more information. So let us explain Step by step. That’s how you do it. So you will definitely follow Step by Step.

Step 1
Friends, what you need to get downloaded. Upload that thing to Google Drive.

Step 2
After uploading, your uploading will complete.

Step 3
After that, you have uploaded. Click on it after uploading And right click, then click Get Shareable Link.

Step 4
After that Link Sharing On will happen. Below you’ll find a link. Save that link by copying it somewhere.

Step 5

Go to Blogger and click on the page. And then click on New Page.

Step 6
The pages you have created. Enter the name of that page.

Step 7
After that, you click on the HTML. And whatever HTML code there is on it. Remove him from there 🙂

Step 8
After that, you download the Timer HTML code. Which we have given below. After that, open the court. And whatever code it contains. Copy all that in the box of step 7 where the code has been removed. Paste it into it.

Step 9
On Adsense Ads 1 you have to enter the Ads Code of your Adsense.

Step 10
You have linked the link to Google Drive That’s the copied link. You paste it here. You have to paste two places or codes.

After that, you publish this page. Also, see the page as well. After watching, you copy the URL as you have been told in the pictures below.

Step 11
The pages you have published. View that page and copy its URL.

Step 12
Where you have to download the download link in your post The title of this page by typing the title on it, which you just copied the URL. Paste it. As told in the image.

Add Timer Before Downloading
After adding the link. You save your post and then try Viewing When you click View and click on Hair to download Then the page will open in front of you. In which you have to wait a few seconds. Just like you would weave After that it will go to the automatic downloading page. And from there it will be able to download.